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Things here are organized in a heirarchy based on the code base heirarchy. For example, SMAUG mud code would be found under: /pub/mud/diku/merc/smaug

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muck/409610/04/00 14:39Directory
tiny/409610/04/00 14:39 TinyMUD
text/409608/23/97 00:31 MUD text files
tpmud/409608/23/97 00:32 TpMUD
aber/409604/23/02 16:08 AberMUD family
lp/409610/04/00 14:37 LpMUD family
diku/409610/04/00 14:26 DikuMUD family
cold/409610/15/97 10:03 ColdMUD
coffee/409611/02/20 12:00 CoffeeMud
imc/409604/20/09 20:29Directory
snippets/409609/13/01 17:37 Various code snippets
other/409608/17/00 11:48 Other Stuff
realms/409611/08/11 01:58 Realms of Despair
teeny/409610/15/97 09:44 TeenyMUD
uber/409610/15/97 09:44 UberMUD
utils/409608/23/97 00:35 Various utilities
clients/409607/14/98 13:56 Various MUD clients
mudos/409602/11/02 10:14 MudOS
moo/409610/04/00 14:37 MOO family
cool/409610/15/97 09:44 CoolMUD
umud/409610/15/97 09:43 UMUD
mush/409610/04/00 14:38 Mush family
index/409602/19/98 17:15Directory

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