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bulletin.tar.gz341910/15/97 09:44GZIP compressed file
cdirt242.tar.gz123520904/22/02 22:17GZIP compressed file
linkdead.tar.gz901910/15/97 09:44GZIP compressed file
idirt-1.82d.tar.gz101825804/22/02 22:04GZIP compressed file
pDirt-1_tar.gz103992904/22/02 22:20GZIP compressed file
README83811/20/94 16:11 
abered.tar.gz29778510/15/97 09:44GZIP compressed file
dirt31.tar.gz35133810/15/97 09:45GZIP compressed file
cdirt-3.0beta4.tar.gz124051804/22/02 22:20GZIP compressed file
dyrt_19.tar.gz78411104/22/02 22:11GZIP compressed file

MUDs running the ABER codebase.

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