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This section of the FTP site is dedicated to the DikuMUD family of MUDs. It is the largest and most maintained section of the archive, and is kept in a heirarchy based on direct derivative blood lines.
Typically, the deeper you go, the more advanced and refined the code base.

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circle/409602/17/04 14:10 CircleMUD
editor/409601/13/99 14:57 DikuMUD editors
silly/409604/27/06 18:16 SillyMUD
sequent/409610/15/97 09:58 Sequent
merc/409603/04/08 18:44 MercMUD
pirate/409610/15/97 09:57 Pirate
techno/409610/15/97 09:57 TechnoMUD
diku-linux.tar.gz29875210/15/97 09:47 Linux compatable source
dikumud.zip33437508/22/97 22:52 DikuMUD Gamma 0.0
earth/409608/22/97 23:05 A DikuMUD area
crimson/409610/29/97 10:17 Crimson
diku-gamma.tar.gz30140810/15/97 09:58 DikuMUD Gamma 0.0
diku-alfa.tar.gz33733910/15/97 09:58 DikuMUD "Alfa"
copper/409603/28/02 13:22 CopperMUD

MUDs running the DIKU codebase.

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