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Merc has become the new starting point for code bases to stream from rather
than the original DikuMUD gamma code.  Many derivatives have a direct
bloodline to Merc 2.1 and 2.2, and new ones are constantly being released.

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areas/409610/15/97 12:19Directory
editor/409608/22/97 23:19 Merc editors
Merc_21.tar.gz69247010/15/97 09:50 Merc 2.1
nimud/409601/05/09 16:41Directory
rom/409610/04/00 14:28 ROM
Merc_20c.tar.gz68070510/15/97 09:57 Merc 2.0c
amiga/409608/22/97 23:19 Amiga ports
med/409612/15/05 18:03Directory
smaug/409607/17/12 19:23 SMAUG code base
mr/409606/27/05 18:29Directory
deadland/409605/31/99 11:12Directory
ack/409604/19/03 00:50 ACK! MUD
windows/409608/22/97 23:36 Windows ports
Merc_10.tar.gz49424701/09/02 15:04 Original Merc1.0
mac/409602/02/96 01:56 Mac ports
vego/409610/15/97 09:56 VegoMUD
theisles/409601/05/09 16:41 The Isles
snippets/409612/23/98 11:21 Various Merc code snippets
Merc_22_Sands.tar.gz71648411/11/99 15:08 Sands Bugfixed Merc2.2
envy/409610/04/00 14:27 EnvyMUD
godwars/409602/07/06 11:23Directory
Merc22_patchedsrc.tar.gz14891510/15/97 09:52 Patched sources for Merc2.2
Merc_20b.tar.gz47676610/15/97 09:56 Merc 2.0b
Merc_22.tar.gz63934011/11/99 11:21 Merc 2.2
mobprogs/409610/15/97 09:50 MobPrograms patch

MUDs running the MERC codebase.

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