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Mordor_2.3.bsd.tgz55869310/15/97 10:14GZIP compressed TAR archive
Mordor_2.4.lsm49104/05/95 13:02 
Mordor4.zip.md54603/20/97 21:46 
databases/409610/15/97 10:16Directory
Mordor_2.3.README49404/05/95 13:01 
README34603/20/97 14:51 
Mordor_2.4.tgz70441210/15/97 10:14GZIP compressed TAR archive
Mordor_3.00.tar.gz187321010/15/97 09:59GZIP compressed file
Mordor_2.5.lsm49611/01/95 14:39 
Mordor_2.5.tgz79723910/15/97 10:14GZIP compressed TAR archive
bank.c707803/24/97 15:19C source code file
Mordor4-95-newdriver.zip18967808/22/97 23:56ZIP compressed archive
utils/409610/15/97 10:16Directory
Mordor-4.0.lsm58103/20/97 04:26 
Mordor_4.0.tgz244295010/15/97 10:15GZIP compressed TAR archive

MUDs running the MORDOR codebase.

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