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These snippets were all written by Erwin S. Andreasen, erwin@pip.dknet.dk
All of these snippets are also available from http://www.pip.dknet.dk/~pip1773/

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social-3.zip670308/23/97 00:22 Social online editing pkzipped
scan.v1310510/13/96 13:51 Classic "scan" command
social-4.tgz590910/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
buffer-1.tgz308510/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
easnip9612.tgz11970510/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
social-3.tgz582110/15/97 10:17 Social online editing tarred and gzipped
descriptions.html732210/13/96 14:37 
board-2.tgz1639310/15/97 10:17 Multiple boards v2 tarred and gzipped
buy.v1606908/31/96 20:10 Multiple object buy routine
board-2.zip1780108/23/97 00:09 Multiple boards v2 pkzipped
disable.v1781710/13/96 13:50 Disabling of commands
redit.v2.zip2036808/23/97 00:22 Reset editing code
board-1.zip1660808/23/97 00:09 Multiple bulletin boards
class-2.tgz346610/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
merc.dual.v1654610/13/96 13:51 Dual-wielding code
short-1.tgz618210/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
mercobjl.v13212010/13/96 13:51 Based on resets writes obj info to a file
wizutil.v31704410/13/96 13:51 Various administrative utility commands
easnip9601.zip8240008/23/97 00:22 Everything listed above zipped up
auction.v21756110/13/96 13:50 Fully automated auction channel
License73004/29/96 10:17 License agreement
romobjl.v13411710/13/96 13:51 Based on resets writes obj info to a file
00index.txt151306/12/96 20:31Text file
copyover.v11134706/10/96 09:24 
redit-4.tgz3107510/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive

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