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buy.snippet.txt200411/01/95 14:38 Description of buy.snippet.c
merc-l.do_users405708/23/97 00:26 Show ALL users at any connect state
merc-l.deathtraps332108/23/97 00:26 Death Traps
merc-l.trap.2582508/23/97 00:26 Trap code part 2
merc-l.permanent499908/23/97 00:26 Stick an affect on an object
identdstuff1082708/23/97 00:26 Auth/IDENTD handler
obj_update.c342408/23/97 00:27 Ideas on improving obj_update
move_aggr.c379108/23/97 00:27 Alternative aggressive mob code
raw_kill.c323008/23/97 00:27 Ideas on better corpses
buy.snippet.c599108/23/97 00:26 Erwin's multiple buy code
interp_hash.c533508/23/97 00:26 Hashed command table
scan.c471208/23/97 00:27 Erwin's scan code
auction.c1836408/23/97 00:26 Erwin's automated auction code
merc-l.trap.12837508/23/97 00:26 Trap code part 1

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