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Unless otherwise stated, all of the snippets and patches here are
"unofficial", and not supported by the SMAUG development team.
If you find that any of the patches or snippets here have an ill-effect
on the operation of your SMAUG mud, please let us know.

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quest.tgz725510/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
skincode.zip198908/23/97 00:28ZIP compressed archive
slay.zip558704/21/98 15:11ZIP compressed archive
smaug_bank.txt924711/10/97 09:33Text file
bil+class.tgz3066810/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
tsupatch.tgz3302210/20/97 11:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
winduct.tar.gz319910/15/97 10:01GZIP compressed file
alias.c1166210/20/97 11:18C source code file
2bil+classes.tgz3299012/19/97 11:48GZIP compressed TAR archive
patch.tgz3049110/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
2bilclassfix.tgz3322512/19/97 11:48GZIP compressed TAR archive
billionvnum.tgz382110/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
skincode_1.01524511/10/97 09:34 
4classes.tgz2146510/15/97 10:17GZIP compressed TAR archive
newmp.tar.gz331310/26/97 01:41GZIP compressed file

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