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SMAUG is likely the most advanced and feature-rich public DikuMUD derivative code base available. It has had over four years of development as one of the most popular muds on the 'net... Realms of Despair.

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olchelp.zip3688408/17/00 15:04 Online building help files in zip format
smaug1.02a.tgz105812208/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
resort/409610/27/00 11:14Directory
patch_1.01b_to_1.02.gz8774408/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed file
help.are59024508/17/00 15:04 
smaugw32_1_02a.zip191573308/17/00 15:04 Ver 1.02a compiled for Win32 with crypt (GCC)
olchelp.tgz3335008/17/00 15:04 Online building help files in tar-gzip format
README123511/19/07 20:09 
smaug1.01d.tgz103330108/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
smaugw32_native.zip54554708/17/00 15:04 Ver 1.02a ported to Win32 native mode (VC++)
patch_1.4_to_1.4a.gz14016408/17/00 15:03GZIP compressed file
patch_1.01c_to_1.02.gz5478608/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed file
smaugw32.zip191750808/17/00 15:04 Ver 1.01 compiled for Win32 without crypt (GCC)
smaug1.01c.tgz102906708/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
patch_1.01d_to_1.02.gz4414608/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed file
smaug1.02.tgz105624908/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
smaugw32_ntvsrc.zip55164708/17/00 15:04 Ver 1.02a ported to Win32 native mode (source)
smaug1.8.tgz193963504/23/07 21:39GZIP compressed TAR archive
smaugwiz/409608/17/00 14:29 C++ SMAUG derivative
smaug1.4a.tgz157511708/17/00 15:03GZIP compressed TAR archive
patch_1.01_to_1.02.gz8684808/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed file
smaug.tgz193998505/28/07 17:36 Latest release
snippets/409612/31/98 12:16 Third party SMAUG code snippets
swr/409610/04/00 14:28 Star Wars Reality SMAUG derivative
smaug1.01a.tgz99638308/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
smaug1.01b.tgz99644608/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
s102a32s.zip236498508/17/00 15:04 Ver 1.02a compiled for Win32, newer release
smaug1_4a_W32bin.zip167794708/17/00 15:03 Ver 1.4a ported to Win32 native mode (VC++)
smaug1.01.tgz99245608/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
smaug1.8b.tgz193998505/28/07 17:36GZIP compressed TAR archive
smaug1_4a_W32src.zip83324908/17/00 15:03 Ver 1.4a ported to Win32 native mode (source)
patch_1.01a_to_1.02.gz8826608/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed file
smaug1.4.tgz145993608/17/00 15:04GZIP compressed TAR archive
wolfpaw/409602/07/06 11:21Directory

MUDs running the SMAUG codebase.

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